The Pizza Pit Atomic Ghost Wing Challenge!

If you can eat 2 doz. of our wings bathed in our very own “Atomic Ghost Wing Sauce” in 15 min. You get the wings for FREE and a “I ate Fire at The Pizza Pit” T-shirt.

Bet you Can’t!

She's a Winner!

He did it!

Loser! Nice Try!

14 Replies to “The Pizza Pit Atomic Ghost Wing Challenge!”

  1. Your pizza rocks!I won your basket at sloatsburg elem school.Cant wait to try your Atomic Ghost Wing sauce.

    Kieran McKay 4th Grade.

  2. I was in there in December with a bunch of my friends. I got through 16 of the wings, and there were a lot of pictures. Any news on when they will be posted?

  3. im am 12 years old and did the chalinge i ait 8 by my self theres no parters and its 22 bux thats the spicest thing i ever had in my life

  4. I live close by and stop in sometimes for a slice. I like that you give sizable slices, which is appropriate considering the price of $2.50. Gosh it was only 25 years or so ago that pizza was about 85 cents a slice! My only criticism is that the sauce can be a little more prevalent and the crust can be cooked a little longer (often soft and too doughy). If you did that I think you’d go from a good slice to an excellent slice! Anyway keep it up and good luck!

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